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Carla Munoz does a practice serve against Bobby Horn during the UCSC Racquetball Slam. Photo by Kevin Sueksdorf.

Carla Munoz graces the UC Santa Cruz Racquetball Slam

SANTA CRUZ, CA – APR. 9, 2016: The UC Santa Cruz Racquetball Slam charity tournament hit the campus of UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) this past Saturday, hosted by Nick Irvine. The charity raised funds to help support UCSC’s racquetball program.

Professional racquetballer & recent winner of the 2016 Intercollegiate Championships Carla Munoz arrived to do a meet & greet with fans and player participants, showcase some racquetball strategy & fundamentals, and play against anyone who dared.

The results are as follows:

In the Men’s Doubles finals, Alfred Muranaga & David Spektor defeated Jon Rafkind & Brian Laney to win

In the Men’s Elite Singles finals, John Sanderson took home the victory by defeating Jose Perez.

In the Men’s B/C Singles finals, David Urrea got the win by beating Bill Isaacs.

In the Women’s Singles finals, Estefania Perez won the match against Heather Mahoney. was there to cover the excitement, and you can check out some of our photos in the photo gallery.


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  • Racquetball Eyewear Reply

    April 13, 2016 at 8:12 am

    Her opponent, is Bobby Horn, another professional racquetball player.
    The picture is staged though, she wouldn’t play without eye protection, even in a demo….

    Promote safe racquetball!

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