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Psyonix today warns Rocket Alliance players of a new
Psyonix today warns Rocket Alliance players of a new, up-to-date environment on Rocket League Trading all platforms on October 14th. The ability to send the Halloween event will be given and will be accompanied by some new features.

The Apparitional Hallows event will make its return cascade its third edition. We will find the usual "Candy Corn", a currency to recover over the parties and then to exchange against thematic objects. Psyonix will give more details on the program of the festivities added late this week. 

Meanwhile, the collapsed announces the arrival of three novelties. The main one, named "Post-Game Party-Up", takes the form of a button added to the end-of-end screen that will easily aloft a group with unknown teammates after a game, if they also click on the button of course.

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