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How do newbies practice playing squash?

I. Practice steps for squash Squash practice has its own regularity. The first problem that beginners encounter when they start learning to play squash is often the problem of the elasticity of the ball. At first you will find that the ball is not as high as you think (even with a blue penalty ball), so learning squash should first be familiar with the ball, practice the ball and understand the rebound of the ball. Second, develop a good basic posture, including the correct grip, swing and preparation posture. Then master the two basic hitting methods: forehand hitting and backhand hitting. On this basis, learn various batting methods, including serving, receiving, straight, side wall, small ball, volley and Hang the high ball, and finally learn the movement on the court, and combine a variety of bats to master a certain number of squash techniques. 

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2. From easy to difficult, practice basic skills When learning to play squash, you should follow the principle of easy to difficult, step by step. When you start learning, you should choose a ball with a higher elasticity and practice the ball against the wall. Beginners should start from the forehand shot, first practice the floor bounce ball in the frontcourt, then slowly retreat, gradually increase the hitting power, and then practice backhand and backhand alternately. When learning a new action, you should first pay attention to the action points, instead of paying attention to every detail of the technical action. Once the action points are mastered, you can do the whole action. You can use the first imitation exercise and the freehand swing practice, then ‘feed the ball’ yourself, and then hit the ball after the ball bounces off the floor. Laying a good foundation is the key to practicing squash. Therefore, you should practice basic skills and be good at combining the needs of actual combat and practicing in a targeted manner. On the basis of comprehensive mastery of technology, we must be good at highlighting our own characteristics, form a unique technical and tactical style, and be good at using our brains to constantly innovate and form a trick. 

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3. Watching the ball and the opponent When the beginner starts to learn squash, the eye is usually only focused on the ball bounced off the wall, not the ball hit by the hitter, so the phenomenon of hitting the ball often occurs. The player's batting action should closely match the fast flying ball. The player should react quickly to identify the ball's flight path and landing point. Therefore, always looking at the ball is a prerequisite for correct judgment. Especially when preparing to hit the ball, the eyes should not only stare at the course of the ball, but also must judge the direction, speed, height and rebound of the ball. At the moment the racket hits the ball, both eyes must also look at the ball. Obviously, in order to correctly hit the ball, the more clearly the player sees the ball, the more likely he is to hit the ball accurately with the middle of the face as needed. However, in actual combat, it is not enough to only require the line of sight to stare at the ball. The ball is only suitable for the time from the opponent's hitting point to the time when the ball is hit by the ball, and the player should be required to pay attention to the opponent's hitting action. In order to obtain more information, on the one hand, it can improve the direction of the hitting ball, on the other hand, it can avoid obstructing and avoiding injuries. In the usual training, it is very important to regard the staring and marking. After completing the batting action, waiting for the opponent to fight back during this time, the focus should be on emphasizing the opponent. Therefore, in the process of performing repeated shots, it is necessary to learn the timely transfer of the line of sight. When the batting action is automated, the time of staring can be appropriately shortened.

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