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games Wholesale Jerseys From China
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Hobby Farm versus My Farm Life Computers Articles | May 30 Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , 2011
We have two cute stories. The one is Hobby Farm, where there is a happy couple - Jill and John. They are on vacation and while touring some tropical islands, they notice that one of these beautiful pieces of paradise is for sale at a very very low price. So they decide to buy it and restore the abandoned farm on it because it is Jill's lifelong dream to have a farm at such an exotic place. And another story- My Farm Life is about a glamorous young girl who has no idea about farming life.

But no matter the differences in these heroes' mind and? plans for the future, their life since then will be very similar in many ways.
Although? Lisa and Jill are the characters of? various farming time management games Wholesale Jerseys From China , it seems sometime that they from the same game.

These games have so much in common that I will hardly be able to find a great difference between them.

You are offered to play two modes, namely casual and expert mode for My Farm life and correspondingly relaxed and timed mode in Hobby Farm. Both games features 50 levels.

The gameplays are extremely similar too. You begin the games by learning the basics. You plant seeds on soil, water them and then once the plant is ready to harvest, you can grab a basket and then click on the fruit to gather it and then deliver it to the barn.

You also have to tend to various animals. The main thing is to make sure that they have enough food and water or they won't produce eggs Wholesale Jerseys China , milk or wool. The money you have earned can be invested into new upgrades, machines, seeds and animals for you farm.

At this stage everything is simple and? the difference is only in kind of fruits, animals and good that could be made in those interesting machine you have purchased. For example in Hobby Farm you can sow java apples Wholesale Jerseys , tangerines, pineapples or carambolas or collect shells and coconuts directly form the beach.

Make ice from water, jam from tangerines and? a delicious drink from goat milk together with java apples. These exotic products could be called this game's features.

Every level requires you to fulfill an order for the locals. Every level means every day because again in both My Farm Life and Hobby Farm there is a change between day and night. Animals go to sleep and stop producing during the night and you farm are attacked by night thieves who are trying to steal crops and products.?

And? if in My Farm Life you just chase them .

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