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In the years of glory, the
In the years of glory, the wind and the snow, the dreams turn into the clouds. Does that one flower bloom? How many people have been injured in the memory of Sansheng III? The red dust smeared the tears of Zhu Jiao. A glimpse of the blue light with the year of the wheel, the trace of the breeze scared the tomb under the eaves, thousands of turns of the singer sing and miss, the shepherd boy riding the cow to whistle, the horse licking the dead roots. The ignorant heart, the dream, the fade, the lingering outside the window, is the loneliness of the bottom of my heart, or the intoxication of the bones, the rain falls. Thinking about each other, one person wishes, who knows? The flowers are leafless and the night is cold. For acquiescence, love, and who? The end of the song, the final wish to spread the wish of the end of the world, the promise of the vows, can not tell, or want to rest? Dreams Parliament Cigarettes, love, and thoughts are the right choices? Or the regrets in the midst of the return to the Prime Minister, that year, Xu Ruo Nuo, paid the vicissitudes of life, and stayed in the green light. Only the flower in the hand, the warmth of the flow is lamented and lamented. A few tears and autumn. Condensed dreams, broken hearts, finally paid for, waiting for a lifetime, accompanied by prosperous, a sad song, but also a dream, also empty, in the spring to go to the old, half-city smoke and other Iraqis. The flow is like Jin Jinsheng��s dream. I only stayed in the junior high school where I have been teaching in the countryside for more than ten years. Although I feel that the students are more and more difficult to teach, some students are taller than the teachers; although some students love Naughty, tricky, extremely disobedient, but under your patient persuasion, or under your harsh criticism, or when you pick up the pointer and gently beat them, they consciously bowed in front of you and admit their mistakes. I have maintained the morality of my teacher's teacher. In the past few years, I transferred to Wuyuan City and became a primary school teacher. Despite all the reluctance, this is also the concern of the leaders. I quickly calm down and let me go! After coming to elementary school, I first gave myself a position, the primary school name is "small". They are a group of lively and lovely children who are childlike and childlike. They can only love them as they care for their children. Interact with them in class, chat with them at rest, play, care about them, get close to them, but this year, something unexpected happened. A female student often went to quarrel and even beat other classmates to cry. I also criticized her several times, but I didn't see any improvement. That time I was in class, she went to the quarrel, and the classmate cried. I criticized her a few words. She didn��t take it for granted. She said: "I don��t study." I picked up the gas. The bag went out, just rushed out of the door and folded back, slammed into the stool and said loudly: "I can't go." "Other students stared at me with a brush. At this time, I felt that my majesty was gone. The teacher's dignity was gone. I was forced to anger and saw the classroom quiet. I continued to take my class. She stayed." I stayed for a while, seeing that I was not angry. After taking out the pen and drawing on the paper, I thought: "The junior high school students can manage well. I don't believe that this primary school student can be cured. Later, I investigated some of her circumstances and learned that her parents had long since divorced and were brought up by her father. Her father was very ill very well some time ago. She had a good relationship with her father. Maybe she was in a bad mood that day, I was again with her. Concerned enough, the classmates also had some alienation from her, causing her abnormal behavior Newport 100S. Since then, I have tried to care for her. During the class, I intentionally asked her to answer some simple questions and give encouragement and reward to let her find Cheap Cigarettes. My own value. After class Marlboro Lights, I intend to get close to her, so that she can feel the teacher's love for her, and let other students play with her more Cigarettes For Sale, so that she can enjoy the beauty of life, and she gradually becomes lively. She suddenly ran to my office and said to me: "Teacher, I was wrong last time. I sincerely apologize to you. At this time, I suddenly seemed to be getting taller. There was a joy that I had never had before. When the teacher was really good, Tao Xingzhi, an outstanding educator in our country, said: "Without love, there is no education." In the future life, I must use my love to educate every child, and to work wholeheartedly, not necessarily to touch every student, as long as I can educate a student, it is my greatest gain!
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