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Jay Bruce Jersey
The catcher’s spot in the lineup is no longer a black hole"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections NewsAnalysis & EditorialsCleveland Indians prospects & minor leaguesGame RecapsTransactionsIndians 2018 In ReviewYan Gomes was one of the best catchers in the American League in 2018New ,15commentsThe catcher’s spot in the lineup is no longer a black holeByBlake RuaneOct 24, 2018,2:10pm EDTShareTweetShareShareYan Gomes was one of the best catchers in the American League in 2018Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsYan Gomes is back.Or at least the Yan Gomes the Cleveland Indians expected to have when they signed him to a six-year contract extension back in March of 2014.Coming off a career year in which he slashed .294/.345/.481, Gomes came back down to Earth a bit in 2014, but notched career highs in home runs (21) and RBI (74). Unfortunately, from 2015-17, he averaged less than 100 games per season due to injuries and struggles at the plate that opened the door for split duties at catcher with Roberto Perez.Gomes bottomed out in 2016, worth a career-low -0.8 WAR by season’s end.He showed signs of life last season, but finally seemed to climb out of the hole in 2018, although not quite to the potential that he showed from 2013-14. But he didn’t need to reach that high to find himself leading the ranks of his peers in the American League.Among AL catchers with at least 400 plate appearances in 2018, Gomes ranked first in AVG (.266), SLG (.449), and WAR (2.2) and second in OBP (.313) and wRC+ (101).And with his selection to the 2018 MLB All-Star Game Miguel Andujar Jersey , he became the first Brazilian player to be feature in an All-Star Game in an American professional sports league.So how did Gomes turn the corner?For starters, he elevated his launch angle, averaging a career-high of 18.5 for the Statcast era after hovering around 16 the previous two seasons. Coupled with a career-high average exit velocity (88.9), Gomes was able to put the barrel to the ball 8.5 percent of the time — another career-high, in case you haven’t noticed a pattern here — and produce a, you guessed it, career-high hard hit percentage of 38.3 for the season.More specifically, Gomes started living on the inside part of the strike zone, and pulled more of his batted balls — 42.9 percent, to be exact — than at any point in his career.I could show you a number of zone charts that illustrate the night-and-day difference from 2016 to 2018, but few are as demonstrative as his average exit velocity charts.From 2016:MLB StatcastAnd from 2018:MLB StatcastHis expected batting average on contact for that middle inside part of the zone in 2016? .196.In 2018? .358.Enough said.Defensively, his average pop time from behind home plate to second base was consistent with his career numbers in the Statcast era, but his caught stealing percentage did dip from a career-high .421 in 2017 to a career-low .290 in 2018. Although that percentage was good enough to finish ranked fourth among qualified catchers in the AL.But as far his offense is concerned: Welcome back Tim Tebow Jersey , Yan Gomes. We’ve missed you. A community discussion and poll on the nature of fandom"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Twinkie Town Farm ReportSatire, Irreverence, & Other HumorGame RecapsCommunity Discussion: Would you rather see the Twins win it all once, or be competitive for a long time?New,54commentsA community discussion and poll on the nature of fandomESTShareTweetShareShareCommunity Discussion: Would you rather see the Twins win it all once, or be competitive for a long time?Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports Our own Jonathan Gamble recently put up an amazing piece defining a competitive window. If you haven’t read that, go do so now. Don’t worry, this is pre-written text. Even in the event of the apocalypse, the power grid should still be up for a few days. You’ve got time! It’ll still be where you left it when you come back. Done? Cool.While reading that I came upon his opening definition:My immediate gut reaction was to disagree. That isn’t to say he’s wrong, (in fact I imagine he could pen a better argument than I would.) but it is to say that what an individual defines as “success” is variable. Take our own beloved Twinkies from 2001-2010. In that 10 year span they won the division 6 times, came in2nd twice (one of which being losing a game 163) and 3rd twice. That certainly feels like an “open” window to me. However, once we put the post-season into the discussion we see that only once did those same Twins win a post-season series, that being the 2002 team that beat the Moneyball Oakland team and paved the way for a Hollywood movie to feature a scene of a conspicuously skinny Eddie Guardado jumping for joy while Brad Pitt looks sad. That team would then manage to win an entire one games in the ALCS.With the post-season in mind Jay Bruce Jersey , was that 10 year run a success or a failure? I can certainly see the argument for both, even if I easily consider it a success. What do we as fans really want out of “our” teams? We’re strange creatures that can both profess our love for our favorite player and then harshly condemn them for leaving after “our” billionaire decides to not offer them their market value. We’re the ones who can enjoy every moment of a 162 game season only to bemoan the whole thing as a waste the moment they lose a playoff series.It is here you lovely people come in! I would like to present to you two (somewhat extreme) 10 year histories of hypothetical teams, and then present you with a poll asking which team you would prefer tobe a fan of. Please vote and discuss below to satiate my curiosity. I promise to track down every single user who doesn’t and openly weep into their morning breakfast cereal, you horrible and evil bastards. TEAM A:Team A tanks the first 4 years, losing 90-100 games each miserable season. After one season of mediocrity they go all in and manage to win the World Series. The next season they lose early in the playoffs. In their 8th season things fall apart, and by the trade deadline the rebuild has began anew. The next 2 season are unmitigated disasters similar to the first 4.TEAM B:Team B wins its division or the wildcard 7 times in its 10 year run. Two of the years it does not, the team takes second and is in the race until late in the season. One year of bad luck is mixed somewhere within, and the team is mediocre and mostly out of the post season equation by mid-season. Despite all the opportunities, Team B never once reaches the world series.And the poll:

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