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President Mamoon Hussain, who off
Miniature Lenses
Posted by Ningliu on May 15th nike air max shoes wholesale , 2017

With the rapid growing market of consumer electronics and mobile phones, miniature cameras performance is becoming more challenging compared to years ago. However, manufacturing cost, packaging cheap nike air max wholesale , imaging quality impose unique challenges for optical designers.

At Hyperion Optics, we have been continuously providing the most precision micro and micro-miniature optical components manufacturing service as well as optical design and assembly for sophisticated micro imaging devices, for scientific, commercial nike air max wholesale , medical and sensory technology markets. We are equipped to meet the most challenging specifications and tolerances.

Our micro lenses fabrication capability ensure our clients products tiny as 3mm in diameter, 0.8mm in center thickness, 14 lambda of surface accuracy. All of our miniatures lenses are built in custom manner, please talk to our engineer for your own micro system requirement lunarmax flyknit chukka sp wholesale , to learn how we can help you taday.

ISLAMABAD, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- As two opposition leaders in Pakistan are set to start anti-government marches in few hours, the country's President Mamnoon Hussain Thursday said the country cannot "afford any meaningless political adventurism" at a time when it is fighting a war for its survival and stability.

The president made the comments as thousands of supporters of former cricket icon Imran Khan and a religious scholar Dr. Tahir ul Qadri are gathering in the eastern city of Lahore to begin a long-march to Islamabad later Thursday.

Khan demands resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as he claimed that Sharif had been elected through "rigged elections" last year, a charge denies by the government and the election panel. Khan said his supporters will start a sin-in in the capital city and will not end the protest until Prime Minister Sharif resigns.

The prime minister has rejected calls for his resignation and announced the formation of a judicial commission to investigate the allegations of polls rigging. however nike air max trainer 1 wholesale , Imran Khan has rejected the proposal and said he does not expect any fairness if Nawaz Sharif rules the country.

The anti-government marches have raised concerns about the fast growing political tensions at a time when the country is facing serious security and economic challenges and the armed forces are fighting the militants in North Waziristan tribal region.

The protests coincide with celebrations of Pakistan's Independence Day on Thursday which have been overshadowed by the political polarization.

President Mamoon Hussain, who officially started the countrywide celebrations with hoisting the National Flag at a ceremony in Islamabad, warned against any political instability.

"I call upon the political leadership to play a serious and responsible role to avert any chaos and anarchy in the country," President Hussain told the ceremony at Presidency. Prime Minister Sharif nike air max speed turf wholesale , top military and civilian leaders and diplomats attended the ceremony.

"We should reaffirm our resolve to make Pakistan a progressive country, free from terrorism and extremism," Hussain said.

The president also paid tributes to the sacrifices of the armed forces fighting militants and said terrorism was promoted in all parts of the country under an organized conspiracy, which caused colossal human and economic loss to the country.

"The government is wholeheartedly working day and night to eradicate different forms of terrorism nike air max penny wholesale ," he said, urging the nation to stand united behind the armed forces so that this menace could not resurface.

The president said the nation should also not forget the sufferings of the displaced families of North Waziristan tribal region who have to leave their homes for the sake of the country.
Located on Port Phillip's natural bay, Melbourne is the capital of Victoria state and one of the leading cities in Australia. The Economist Intelligence Unit rated it as the most liveable city in the year 2017 owing to its excellent quality in healthcare, research and development nike air max plus 97 wholesale , education, tourism and other key sectors. In the Global Financial Centres Index, it ranks among the world's top 15 cities and is often described as the cultural capital of Australia. It was founded in the 19th century by the free settlers and was given the name 'Melbourne' by Sir Richard Bourke, the Governor of New South Wales during those times.

The period from December to February is a peak tourist season in Melbourne with a hot weather. Owing to the heavy rush of tourists nike air max deluxe wholesale , the room rates of hotels are the highest during this time of the year. Autumn arrives in the city during the month of March and continues until the end of May, causing the trees to change their colours. You can enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities during this season, as the climate is extremely pleasant in the city during autumn. Winter from June to August is extremely cold, but the city hosts some fantastic cultural events to lift the spirits of locals and tourists. You can enjoy cheap holidays to Melbourne in the spring season which begins in September and lasts till November. This can be made possible by booking your holiday in well in advance.

You would get the chance to explore some of the best attractions of Melbourne during your holidays spent in the city. Among them is the Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building. You can reach this museum and exhibition building by taking a tram from the CBD. Also located within a short distance from the CBD is Royal Botanic Gardens nike air max 93 wholesale , which was established in the mid-19th century. It covers a vast area of about 40 hectares and has over 50,000 plants. Another fabulous attraction you can visit during your Melbourne holidays is the Federation Square. The ultra-modern design of this building sets it apart from the surrounding structures that have been built in the Victorian archit. Cheap Superstar Shoes   Cheap Ultra Boost Black   Cheap Ultra Boost Triple White   Cheap Ultra Boost Womens   Cheap Adidas Ultra Boost Triple White   Cheap Adidas Ultra Boost   Cheap NMD Womens Shoes   NMD Red Shoes For Sale   NMD Pink Shoes For Sale   NMD Shoes Pink For Sale
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