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Businessman Delson Moo, 42, and student Melvin Teo Cheap Marcus Foligno Jersey , 17, were accused of modifying the contents of the server hosting the Istana website. Both cases will be back in court on Jan. 24 next year.

The alleged offenses were committed a minute apart. Teo is accused of modifying the contents of the server at 12:33 a.m., while Moo allegedly did the same at 12:34 a.m. Each of them is said to have done so twice on Nov. 8.

Court documents showed the duo apparently used the search function on the server hosting the website to process scripts. This was said to have caused the search function to generate instructions to display texts and images stated in their scripts.

The website supposedly displayed the image of a woman making a rude gesture, another image of a man pointing his index finger and three phrases Cheap Jason Zucker Jersey , local broadcaster Channel NewsAsia said.

Under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act, the highest penalty is a five-year jail term and a fine of 20,000 Singapore dollars (16,000 U.S. dollars).

The two suspects were identified days after the web administrator of the Istana website lodged a police report. They were arrested on Thursday.

Local media said earlier that the suspects are believed to have got to know each other over Facebook. Moo admitted that he had committed the offense in a moment of folly.

"It was purely a stupid mistake Cheap Eric Staal Jersey ," he was quoted as saying. "My hand was itchy and... I got myself into trouble."

Apparent members of international hackers collective Anonymous uploaded a video message in early November threatening to attack the Internet infrastructure of the Singapore government, urging it to reconsider a news portal licensing framework.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said that Singapore authorities will "spare no effort" to track down culprits who launch cyberattacks even though they think they can hide behind the internet's veil of anonymity.

Following the warning, the hackers attempted to bring down the websites of Istana and the Prime Minister's Office on Nov. 8.

Separately, a 35-year-old Singaporean man was charged earlier this month with hacking the website of a local town council.

Are you looking for the best chronic prostatitis treatment? If agreed Cheap Mikko Koivu Jersey , this article will specify some news for you to know about this condition and the available treatment. There are actually two primary types: chronic bacterial prostatitis what is caused by bacterial infection and the chronic pelvic pain syndrome which is caused by something that is not yet understood. In most cases, this condition will cause pain for men within the lower pelvic area. Urinary symptoms like passing urine repeatedly and pain might be present while urinating.
The instrument from Dr Allen for prostate care can treat chronic prostatitis naturally and efficiently, as opposed to other treatment options. This essential treatment for prostate will tackle the cause of this condition. The device is designed especially for prostate care so it is affluent to wear without affecting a man’s daily activity. This device will victoriously treat the cause by shrinking prostate swelling.

Chronic prostatitis treatment
Dr Allen’s Device intended for prostate treatment provides natural cure for this condition and be in possession proven to give effective results. The device can relieve pain and helps with urination dysfunctions; treat the fundamental cause of this condition and is free of negative side effects.
Regularly used treatment options for chronic prostatitis along with medication will have difficulties to reach the prostate gland, so an lengthened use of antibiotics for six to twelve weeks or even more will not be helpful. For that reason Cheap Chris Stewart Jersey , antibiotic counteraction as well as non-bacterial prostatitis are well-known complications. The most common medications for the nonbacterial prostatitis would be alpha-blockers like alfuzosin or tamsulosin which results in many side effects. Some of the side effects include weakness, fainting, dizziness; a weak, clammy Cheap Christian Folin Jersey , cold skin, nausea, dyspepsia, abnormal ejaculation Cheap Charlie Coyle Jersey , impotence and more.
There is also the TURP surgical treatment that will leave roughly 20% of the patients with problems later on, specific as intercourse dysfunction. Several people need a repeated procedure five years after the first one.
Thermobalancing therapy is one of the new treatment options. This therapy was formulated by Dr Simon Allen established on a medical discovery related to the origin of dissimilar internal health problems and it has no adverse side effects. In essence, this natural therapy concentrates on the disorder at the capillaries level, for instance the small bold vessels Cheap Devan Dubnyk Jersey , which is vital for the body’s restorative processes.
The therapy has a natural thermo-element and that is the eminent part of the device that is used for chronic prostatitis treatment. Dr Allen’s device that is designed to treat prostate creates the ideal scene for capillary vessels to stabilise the temperature within the prostate tissues. This will reduce the pressure within the prostate gland and boosts the blood circulation to naturally cleanse the prostate and thereupon help the tissue to heal.

Please see treatment of enlarged prostate and prostate treatment for more help and advise.

WELLINGTON, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- A cliff near New Zealand city of Christchurch collapsed on Sunday after a 5.7-magnitude quake struck the South Island city.

The New Zealand government's GeoNet monitoring service said the moderate quake was centered 15 km east of the city at a depth of 15 km.

The U.S. Geological Survey put the magnitude of the temblor at 5.8 with a relatively shallow depth of 8.2 km.

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