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Tibet Biking Tour
Located in the west area of China, Tibet is famous for its diverse topography with high mountains, deep valleys, scattered rocks and zigzag pathways. Because of the unique landscape, Tibet has become a paradise of bikers. Tibet biking is a physical and psychological challenge for every biker in the world. With the average altitude of four thousand meters, this holy land contains less oxygen than other places on the planet.
If you want to have Tibet cycling tours, you need to overcome the difficulties of high altitude sickness, poor road conditions, and changeable weather. Cycling on the Tibetan Plateau, you will be stunned by the running yaks dotted on the boundless grassland, the tranquil lakes mirroring the blue sky, and the snow-capped mountains shining in the sun. Tibet biking tour is the best way for travelers to explore the beauty of Tibet, experience Tibetan traditional culture, and unveil the mystery of Tibet.
Tibet biking tour is a lifelong dream for most real bikers. So, how to plan a successful Tibet biking tour? Before you start your biking tours, you should do a lot of preparations in advance. You need to know how to prepare your package, choose the right tour time, take the necessary documents, and what kind of places to go. Therefore, joining a Tibet biking tour is very necessary.
Gliding through the wildlands with the blowing wind, a biking tour is a refreshing way to see Tibet. A biking trip in Tibet is sure to capture your heart as you take time to indulge in a slower-paced lifestyle. You will find here at Great Tibet Tour, the professional tour agency, to help you customize your own biking itinerary which you want. Don't be hesitating anymore. Join us, and start your Tibet biking tours today!

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