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balenciaga sneakers
ÿþA very interesting edition balenciaga sneakers announced for September 2012 and aimed at younger audience arrives from the Balenciaga Company. Balenciaga , in collaboration with Coty, Prestige and IFF created the new fragrance FLORABOTANICA which attracts attention with its modern, attractive flacon and unusual ingredients.This is a delightful mystical forest full of green grass and tall trees ripe with life. Purple and yellow flowers and fairies riding on Lily pads. I feel like I'm in the middle of summer right now.

My absolute favourite scent now. I can't stop sniffing myself when I'm wearing it (OK, I know that sounds weird, but as fellow Fragranticans you get me I'm sure). I was first attracted to the beautiful packaging - and the fragrance truly does reflect the modern depiction of ornamental flowers leaves and vines. I agree with VQueenLeigh. There just isn't anything on the market like this. It is dense without being overpowering, and the rose and carnation mix always gets me in. I think the magic ingredient for me is the balenciaga men mint. If you haven't seen this incredibly beautiful flacon, take a look at it in bright light. It has an almost prism effect.

I've got it sitting in pride of place on a mirror so the various colours in the flacon bounce around like the visual equivalent of an echo. Gosh, I sound poetic. That's what Florabotanica balenciaga arena does to me. A perfume buyer for a local supplier said this is discontinued. I have had no reply from Coty which owns Balenciaga. Does anyone know? I'll be hoarding gallons of it if this is true.Balenciaga florabotanica opens very green,cool and woody,definitely unisex but soon rose starts to show up and becomes the most dominant dry down there is just a hint of green notes besides dominant rose,sweetened and warmed delicately with amber I usually hate green scents but strangely I don't dislike green undertone of florabotanica.

From hate to love. This is my story in short. Never happened to me before. Smelled it first time when it came out - absolutely balenciaga mens trainers hated it, put it on my 'dislikes' list and never looked back. Until recently, when I reached for it while testing other Balenciaga scents. The world must have changed for me in the last 3 years, because I loved it. Had to have it immediately. I am charmed to the bone. Great quality. The bottle itself is a wonderful work of art, the pop-artsy minimalistic style of the bottle contrasts with the organic flowers on the box. Long lasting with a decent sillage. I am NOT a rose fan.

I am also quite taken with Florabotanica's packaging as it reminds me of Piet Mondrian's artistic style. Florabotanica lasted six hours on my skin, and had barely any projection. It's a crisp, green rose scent for the most part, a Spring appropriate rose that is thankfully not smothered in a variety of fruits.The variety of reviews show how different we are in how we experience scent and how it lives on our bodies. This really grew on me and I now wear it almost constantly which is unusual for me. "My" Florabotanica is predominantly rose in a fresh, modern way that is nothing like Grandma's bathroom air freshener. It lasts a really long time and I don't get tired of it.

It's definitely the scent to wear in the garden of a spooky insane asylum in a full moon!Rose is one of my biggest soft spots when it comes to balenciaga socks shoes fragrances. I didn't try out Florabotanica when it first came out, but when I finally did get around to testing it I knew I needed to have it. A majority of rose fragrances are quite simple, but this is what I think makes them so lovable. They never feel like you are going overboard with them. Florabotanica has a little more edge to it than some of my other roses such as Rose 4 Reines, Rose Essentielle EDT Rosee, and Chloe. They are all quite simple and pretty delicate, which [Image: balenciaga%20arena-743lre.jpg] is why I find others enjoy them so much.

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